Wells Street

June - August 2010

The aim of the project was to create a flexible office space and to maximize the natural light. In order to achieve this, the irregular open plan space would be reorganised with wall/storage units in order to provide privacy for the conference room seamlessly tucked into a corner space.

This would allow for the central space to act as a main area surrounded by back-to-back work stations, thus providing an extremely efficient use of the space. There would also be a breakout space at the north east end and opposite this the self-contained offices would be located, with the conference room beside them.

Since the space is orientated on an east west slant, transparent partitions would be created to allow views and light into the whole space, all while providing the required privacy for the directors’ offices.

Given the unconventional character of this office, this project's aim was to provide the client with the ability to create different moods via ambient lighting projecting upwards from the walls and allowing for a more relaxed working environment.

Wells Street - Proposed Perspective
Wells Street - Natural Light
Wells Street - Entrance Space
Wells Street - Horizontal Circulation
Wells Street - Breakout Space
Wells Street - Work Stations Area
Wells Street - Asociates Offices & Conference Room
Wells Street - Proposed Circulation Pattern
Wells Street - Proposal