Erpingham Road

Jan 2010 - Oct 2010

This property is a mid terrace late Victorian house situated on the west side of Erpingham Road in the Putney area of London.

Built in the late 1800s, West Putney was developed before East Putney, leaving no available sites on which to construct other types of buildings. The variations between houses in terms of numbers, mass, height and width add to the character of the area and, in addition, a number of terraced houses on the west side of Erpingham Road have been developed even further.

The surrounding area is predominantly residential in character and this design proposal does not seek to change this. It is hoped that by extending the existing dwelling with a carefully considered terrace, of an appropriate scale and with an architectural language reflective of its use, the residential character of the local area will be enhanced.

Erpingham Road - Rear Proposed Elevation

Erpingham Road - Photomontage Proposal

Erpingham Road - Aerial View

Erpingham Road - Birdeye Views & Local Precedents

Erpingham Road - Rear View from Kitchen

Erpingham Road - Proposed Side Elevation

Erpingham Road - Proposed Plan