Galveston Road

August 2010

This property is a mid-terrace, late Victorian house situated on the west side of Galveston Road in the Putney area of London.

It is likely that between 1885 and 1939 the adjacent lots were sold as separate plots of land to different builders, which explains the seven different types of terraced house on the west side of Galveston Road (please refer to image 4 for a diagram of these house types). There are 11 houses of the same type as 15 Galveston Road (type AB), although among these there are still some distinguishing factors. There are further houses at the north and south ends of the west side of Galveston Road, which again are of completely different typologies.

In the post-war years, higher density dwellings were built south of Galveston Road to tackle the demand for housing. The variations between houses in number, massing, height and width add much diversity to the character of the area.

The surrounding area is predominantly residential in character and this proposal did not seek to change this; the intention was that by extending the existing dwelling with a carefully considered loft extension of an appropriate scale and architectural language suited to its use, the residential character of the local area would be enhanced.

The planning application for this project was approved.

Galveston Road - Proposal Birdseye View Galveston Road - Proposal Perspective Galveston Road - Aerial View Galveston Road - Birdseye Views Galveston Road - Rear Neighbours Long Section, views Galveston Road - Terrace Rear Elevation Galveston Road - Proposed Front Elevation Galveston Road - Proposed Rear Elevation Galveston Road - Proposed Longitudinal Section Galveston Road - Proposed First Floor Plan Galveston Road - Proposed Loft Plan Galveston Road - Street Section