Grubbens. Stockholm, Sweden

August 2009

The client of Flat 271 wanted to create a balcony in this mid-20th century listed complex on the island of Kungsholmen. In order to achieve this, it was necessary to approach the owner of Flat 373 and ask them to do the same, since planning permission would only be granted if complete symmetry could be maintained across the two properties.

The pros and cons of creating balconies in the properties were presented to the owner of Flat 373 so that they could make an informed decision about such a development.

Although a relatively small project, a large amount of detail was required for approaching the planning authorities about allowing a development of this type and for putting together the necessary information for the owner of Flat 373 to make their decision.

Grubbens. Stockholm, Sweden - Proposed Front Elevation

Grubbens. Stockholm, Sweden - Proposed Side Elevation

Grubbens. Stockholm, Sweden - Plan Detail Proposal